19 Dec

With the evolution of smartphones and internet it has practically changed we live our lives. Today that technology is at its full swing, it is important that you take advantage of the good that it brings and on of this is the job application that you can use when searching for job.  People today have very little time to spare and would like to use their smartphone and other devices and use it to make our lives simpler especially in finding a job.

With all these, here is a list of the widely used my job apps.

BeKnown is a networking app that is also a networking app from the Job Board Giant Monster and it is also available in Blackberry, Android and iPhone. This will give thee user the chance to connect as well as update their status which is more like the LinkedIn. The problem with these apps is that it only allows you to search and browse for any job that is posted in Monster.

FindAjob.ie is also a free app that is created for Irish job seekers. User can easily place your favorite job on shortlist, job location and even receive job alerts for your desired criteria. This my job app is useful but only available in iPhone.

Fas Jobseeker App at myjobapps.com is available in Android within Ireland's National Employment Agency. This is very simple job search application app that will allow users to search using keywords, country and location. You also get to share the job through email, Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn is more like a social network app than a job search app due to the fact that LinkedIn is the world's biggest online network for professionals. It is also noted that job searching is part of the feature of this application. You can not only make connections, heck profile as well as update status; you also get to search for any jobs that are being posted on LinkedIn's job pages, read more here! 

Real Time Jobs is also an application that is connected to search as well as applying for jobs through social media such as Twitter. The app will also allows you to view jobs that are posted on Twitter and apply to the position through online CV. Media profile such as LinkedIn and even video CV. This application is only available on iPhone. You may also watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oRig0tE4UI for more ideas about job applications.

There are a lot of my job app that you can check out all you have to do is to make sure if it is available  on Android or iPhone only.

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